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Human Papillomavirus Genotyping Kit For 23 Types (PCR-RDB)


The power of HPV Genotyping

The genotype-specific persistent infection of HPV (Human Papillomavirus) increases the risk of cervical cancer.The oncogenic risk increases due to co-infections of different HPV genotypes. Genotyping with DNA chip realized the detection of these co-infections.


Technique Features

PCR-Reverse Dot Blot (PCR-RDB).

Qualitatively identify different genotypes of the human papillomavirus (HPV), it can identify 23 HPV genotypes, including:

18 high-risk types: HPV16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 53, 56, 58, 59, 66, 68, 73, 82,83;

5 low-risk types: HPV 6, 11, 42, 43, 81.


Clinical values:

1) HPV Genotyping is a necessary precancerous screening for cervical cancer. It provides promptly warning and the screening methods because it performs pathogen detection.

(2) HPV genotyping is a good method to triage for ASCUS/AGUS and LSIL population.

(3) HPV Genotyping Identifies the risk of cervical cancer

(4) HPV genotyping can furnish supporting clinical information for the monitoring of after-therapy patients.

(5) HPV genotyping DNA chip is an effective method in research to find out the relationship between HPV subtypes and cervical pathological changes.



1. Specification: 98%

Accuracy : 98%

Repetition: 98%

Sensitivity: 1×104copies/mL 

2. General instruments, such as PCR instrument, molecular hybridization instrument, no       

expensive and special equipment need.

3. Detection of the different types of samples, including

Cervical exfoliated cells

Paraffin-embedded tissue slice

Condyloma acuminate

Liquid-based cytology remainder

4. Automatic reading and analyze the results

5. Certified in-vitro-diagnostic (IDV), registered in china for the qualitative detection of HPVs from clinical specimens.


Awards and honors:

DecipherTM HPV23 DNA chip, obtained the National Invention Patent in China (Patent No:ZL0410037617.7), been widely used in more than 400 hospitals and many research institutions in China. In the 2009 China Annual Award of Laboratory Medicine campaign, DecipherTM HPV23 from YanengBio was granted the title of the No.1 among the Top Ten Advanced Reagents, it was also the only winner for HPV detection products this year.