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ProductName:Pioneer Blood Culture System Pioneer



Pioneer Automated Blood Culture System



The Pioneer Blood Culture System montiors and detects microbial growth matically to aid in the diagnosis

ofbacterial infection such as sepsis.




When the specimen contains microorganisms, the microorganisms carry out metalbolism in the culture and release carbon dioxide. Then concentration of carbon dioxide is proportional to the sensitive film discoloration. The change of colour is measured by photoelectric detection system.








Blood Culture Bottles


Aerobic and Anaerobic Blood Culture Bottle


Pediatric Blood Culture Bottle 





Technical Specifications


 Input Power

 500VA  (Peak)



 Room Temperature to 50℃; Temperature Accuracy  <±0.5℃

 Environmental Temperature   


 Shake Rate

 10 times/ minute


 64 bottles

 Result Report Time

 Common bacteria positive alarm ≤24 hours



 Detection Frequency:

 Test every 10 minutes automatically


 Software Alarm


 570mm (L) ×380mm (W) ×660mm (H)

 Net Weight








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