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ProductName:Beta-thalassemia Genetic Testing Kit

Beta-thalassemia Genetic Testing Kit


Test Method:

According to the epidemic analysis of beta-thalassemia, the type and the frequency of beta-hemoglobin mutations have significant racial and regional diversity.

8 common mutations and 9 rare mutations in human haemoglobin beta gene detected by PCR-reversed dot blot (RDB) in a single run, which includes 17 nucleotide sites and 19 mutations among the Chinese population.

Genetic variations in test:

CD41-42(-TTCT) IVS-II-654(C→T)   -28(A→G)   CD71-72(+A)

CD17(A→T)    βE(GAG→AAG)    CD31(-C)      CD27/28(+C)

CD43(G→T)   -29(A→G)         -30(T→C)    -32(C→A)

CD14-15(+G) CAPM(A→C or-AAAC) Int(ATG→AGG) IVS-I-5(G→C)




Reliable:>98% detectable rate; SFDA certifited; established and validated RDB technology.

High-throughout: 19 mutations on 17 nucleotide sites of beta hemogloblin can be detected in a single run.