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ProductName:alpha-thalassemia Genotyping Kit

Deletion Alpha thalassemia Genotyping Kit


Test Method:

Thalassemia is an autosomal recessive inherited human genetic disorder of the red blood cells. Alpha globin Genes responsible for haemoglobin synthesis are defective or are missing altogether in the disease. There are three deletion types (-a3.7, -a4.2, and -a--SEA) which accounted for majority of a-thalassemia abnormal alleles in China. Wild genotype and the three mutations of a globin gene can be tested in one reaction tube with multiplex PCR method, and the results can be conveniently read with electrophoresis bands.



Reliable α-thalassemia diagnosis in gene level.

One test for three deletion genotypes of globin gene (-a3.7, -a4.2, and -a--SEA)

a-thalassemia2 (a a/-a3.7, a a/-a4.2) detectable